Web Design

Flame Ltd’s goal is simple. It’s to provide a value for money, well maintained and well designed web site, which will add another dimension to your business.

Simplicity is the key to success! We work on the principle that less is more. We don’t believe that a large amount of content all over the screen is helpful to a person trying to find specific information. A good use of space, and colours which compliment each other makes a site easy to use and we strive to ensure that all of the sites we create adhere to these rules.

How We Work
If you or your company decide you would like Flame Ltd to design and build your web site then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.  To make your website in the colours and style you want, we will ask for some examples of your documentation. Company logos, colours, letterheaded paper etc, to allow us to create a first page for your website. It may take a few attempts before you are happy with this. Once you are, we will then create the other pages using a consistent theme throughout your website.  While we build the site, it will be at a temporary address for you to view each stage of its development before it goes live, in order for you to give us feedback. When you are happy that the site is completed to your satisfaction, it will go live, where the outside world will be able to see it.

Website Updates
Many websites are allowed to go out of date and there is nothing more off-putting to a potential customer than seeing a site with old information. For this reason we provide our customers with a cost effective update service.

Lots of people have the ability to knock up web pages these days, but very few have the design expertise to make them look professional. If you choose Grandflame you can be assured that every one of your pages will look 100% professional to project an image of quality into the minds of your visitors.  Independent research has shown us that people decide if they like a website, and therefore drawn to the business it represents, within the first few seconds of their visit to it. If the impression they get is a poor, they will immediately leave and probably never return, they will be heading for one of your competitors.This is also true for old and outdated websites. If you had your website designed a ten years ago, it will more than likely be outdated now and will therefore give the impression that your business is out of outdated as well.


  1. Web Design – W3C compliant XHTML & CSS coding, and a keen focus on website usability.
  2. Marketing – An understanding of your online objectives and existing marketing concepts.
  3. Website Optimization – Search engine friendly website coding and maintenance of search engine rankings.
  4. Functionality – Bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) developed to your exact requirements.

Getting a quotation.
Our quotations for website design are highly competitive and are based on a discusion with you regarding the solution you are looking for.  Our approach is consistent but no two websites are the same. Tel: 01923 272965.